Ever been in a situation which required you to “adapt” to a specific language slang, take interest in a topic that is specific to a culture and just felt…completely disconnected while doing it effortlessly? When you’re a person made up of different culture, you’re never fully “one culture” and it’s not because you are able to keep up in culturally-specific conversations or share knowledge that it’s really “you”.

Sometimes, I contemplate those proud citizens from a specific place with envy. I wish I had that singular identity to always go back to, that stability and guiding principle which holds you…

The US Presidential Election has made us question many things, our values, morals, who we will stand up for, who we will fight for, and more importantly — how we identify with each other. It’s been a few months of us learning about ourselves, personally.Trump’s choice of people in his cabinet has thrown up another very important discussion point, that applies more to businesses than to us personally — the value of diversity. And that’s where we need to stop thinking about what our values represent as an individual, but more so as a business.

Globalization and millennials are two…

To what extent can social media impact behaviour change?

Elaborating a social media strategy in a B2B context: the training industry

I’ve had previously put six months’ worth of social media learnings to paper for a year end report. After submitting it and growing my work experience, I felt further analysis was necessary. This time, I had no time constraint or imposed formatting.

The main insight I’ve acquired about social media is that it’s rapidly evolving and most businesses face a gigantic gap between offline and online.

Whether we consider the 400 percent growth of smartphone and tablet video consumption between 2012 and 2014 or the change in behavioral…

Mathilde Caraccio

Social Media Lead @ Section

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